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FIST Presents Lady Catherine Gross...Baltimore...Sun., 4/5/09 1-3pm

Sunday, 4/5 1pm-3pm Playhouse...Baltimore
*Filling up. You must RSVP to attend to FISTwomen@aol.com*

*****This event is open to women and transfolk who feel they have a place in the women's community*****
F.I.S.T. Presents Lady Catherine Gross

Please join us as FIST presents the first in our workshop series as long-time friend of FIST, Lady Catherine Gross will be presenting
Cornerstones: Beginnings, Middles and the End, on Sunday, April 5th from 1-3pm at Playhouse Galleries.

The cost of the workshop is $7.

Munchies will be provided.

The Workshop:

Cornerstones: Beginnings, Middles and the End
This workshop focuses on what relationships look like in the beginning, middle and20the end. Learn how to hear more effectively, the difference between listening and hearing, how to avoid mindreaders syndrome, taking responsibility for you. Learning the difference between care-taking and taking care, illusion vs reality, your personal responsibility list, personal boundaries, owning who y ou are, getting what you want, dealing with mistakes and being able to separate between yours, mine and ours. End your relationship s as well as you begin them. Understanding the stages of relationships will help you stay in the middle, isn't that the goal after all?

About the Presenter:
Lady Catherine is a certified PCC Life Success coach and educator. She offers classes that focus on physical skills, M/s relationships, dominance and submission, personal development, house management, service, healthy relationships and more. She is the producer of SouthEast LeatherFest in Atlanta, GA.
She has presented classes at Frolicon, Black Rose, South Plains LeatherFest, Living In Leather by NLA-I, San Diego Leatherfest, Southwest Leather Conference, Northeast Master/slave Conference, Leather University, Boys Camp, IMsL, LLC, Pantheon, TES, Folsom Fringe, Orlando Bash, Great Lakes Leather Alliance, Tribal Fire, and at many more events. She was awarded Black Rose's Vaughn Keith National Educator Award in 2002 and Pantheon of Leather Southeast Regi on Service Award 2006 and Pantheon of Leather Business of the Year award in 2006.
She has also written a safety manual in use by more than a dozen organizations coast to coast. You can download a copy on her website at BDSMClasses.com (she’ll even customize it for you). She is the creator of Servant's Retreat, an intensive weekend for those who serve, and the Nine Fold Path Seminar, a workshop on M/s a nd D/s relationship health. She offers private classes and coaching for couples and individuals. BDSMClasses.com and ForYourLifeCoach.

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