Lovely Bones (restlessss) wrote in phillydykes,
Lovely Bones

looking for friends.

Just wanted to say hello I'm a 26 year old artist looking for friends in the area. I live in Lancaster over and a little down from Philly but I love Philly and I'm looking for healthy positive energy right now in my life for coffee .. good conversation and whatever..
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Hi :)

i'm veronica and live in norristown/king of prussia. how are you?
Well hi there ..thanks so much for the response I totally forgot how many amazing people are on lj .. tell me more about you .. kinda browsed your page .. i wish I could sew and like knit and all that craziness I have add I swear I'd like start and stop a billion times before finishing a row. ha.
heh. thanks. i'm a crafty bitch i guess.

well, there are 2 kiddos, a dog, a cat, some fish, and a hubby that live with me. (its complicated)

haven't lived up here for very long. 1.5 years. we are from TX and moved up here for a job.

other than that.....not much else to tell. what do you want to know?

how about you?
my gf and i are looking for some new buddies!