M (errant_girl) wrote in phillydykes,

X-posted to queerinphilly

Hello, I just joined this comm. I'll be moving to Philly in late May and I figured I'd introduce myself. So....

Hi! I'm Maya. I work as a tattooist, painter, artist. I've lived most of my life in Chicago, but it's time for a change; besides, I can't stand the winters here anymore (It's 2pm and 8 degrees  outside --FUCK!!!). I'll be moving into the west end of Germantown; living with some friends. I'm mildly politically active (mostly focussed on Camp Trans and MWMF and their attendance policy) so I guess that makes me a part time malcontent. ;-)

I'm mostly working on doing more research on the Queer community in Philly and building any social contacts and support structure. For anyone here who has made a cross country move knows, it can be lonely moving to a new city/state. Even though I have friends in the area, it never hurts to make more contacts.

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