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Community alert: CIA Lesbian Genocide - Photos + List of Perps [Thursday

Ms. Elizabeth A. Sherry
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Phone: +1 (917) 913 - 2479
Email: dandypantsactivist@gmail.com

*** For General Release *** / *** Pour le général de sortie ***

See below for French translation. Voir le texte suivant pour la traduction française.

To the LGBT community,

Please be advised that images of genocide and ethnic cleansing of the lesbian and bisexual women's population have been declassified by United States Attorney General, the Honorable Ms. Loretta Lynch.

The images declassified feature forensic evidence pertaining to lesbian genocide committed by the Central Intelligence Agency or CIA of The United States. These specific homicides occurred between 1990 - 2015, however the policy of ethnic cleaning by the CIA targeting lesbians in fact dates back to the 1940s and World War II.

A list of convicted death row perpetrators is included in the posted community notice, as well. See link below.




Full details, including declassified images can be found here:

-- Elizabeth A. Dieudonne Last updated 11 June 2015.

See below for French translation of above text.


Pour la communauté LGBT,

S'il vous plaît noter que les images de génocide et de ethnique de la population des femmes lesbiennes et bisexuelles ont été déclassifiés par les Etats-Unis procureur général, l'honorable Mme. Loretta Lynch.

Les images déclassifiés disposent preuves médico-légales relatives au genocide lesbiennes commis par l'Agence centrale de renseignement CIA ou des États-Unis. Ces homicides spécifiques ont eu lieu entre 1990 - 2015, cependant la politique de ethnique par la CIA visant les lesbiennes, en fait, remonte aux années 1940 et la Seconde Guerre mondiale.

Une liste des auteurs condamnés à mort est inclus dans l'avis de la communauté affiché, ainsi. Voir le lien ci-dessous.

Attention: L'ALBUM PHOTO LIÉ AU SEIN DE L'AVIS DE LA COMMUNAUTE SUIVANT CONTIENT DE CONTENU extrêmement graphique preuves provenant des enquêtes sur les homicides en cours. S'IL VOUS PLAÎT être conseillé.


Tous les détails, y compris les images déclassifiés peuvent être trouvés ici: http://queendandypants.livejournal.com/734.html

- Elizabeth A. Dieudonné
Prochaine du 11 Juin à 2015.


Queer Memoir: PHILLY! (GROWING UP...) [Friday


Haven't heard about Queer Memoir? Read all about what happened in our very first year, check out what an audience member  had to say about a recent event, and then RSVP on facebook to our upcoming Philly or NYC events.


free lesbian dating [Tuesday


The girls put a sexy spin on Christmas celebrations

VIsit Kate Grace for free lesbian dating personals


Study for LGB Latina/o Individuals [Wednesday

Hello! My name is Brandon Velez, and I am a graduate student in the University of Florida’s Psychology Department.  I am conducting a study that I hope will contribute to understanding the experiences and well-being of Latina/o lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals. Participation will involve completing a survey online and will take approximately 30 minutes. Because your participation is very important to this goal, I hope that you will set aside time to complete this study. 

In order to participate you must:

·         be 18 years of age or older

·         reside in the United States

·         identify as Latina/o or Hispanic

·         identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or some other sexual minority status (e.g., queer, questioning)

If you would like to participate and you identify as a woman, please follow this link:



If you would like to participate and you identify as a man, please follow this link:



Thank you VERY much in advance for your time and effort!  Please feel free to pass on this link to other people who might be eligible.  


If you have any question about this study, please feel free to contact me at velezbl@gmail.com. This research has been approved by the University of Florida’s Institutional Review Board (UFIRB#2010-U-0579).


Brandon Velez, B.S.



Hi there!
I'm Laila, moving to the Philly area within a few weeks! Just got finished living in Baltimore for about 5 years, before that, Ohio for a year, then before THAT, I grew up overseas in Dubai, Istanbul and Kuwait. And yes, I'm American, my parents were just ESL teachers. (For some reason people think that just because I LIVED overseas, I'm automatically arab and therefore a terrorist. Really?) I have to relocate to this area because I unfortunately had to quit my job in Baltimore for a number of reasons and just wanted a change! I'll still be commuting a few times a week to attend my grad school classes at Hopkins. 

Anyways! Basically I'm here looking for some friends =). I'm in a period in my life where I want to work on me and just do things I love with no drama attached, so I think friends with similar interests would be a great step in that direction. I like music (I'm a freelance music journalist--more for fun, less for the almost nothing I get paid for it ;), reading and movies as well as wandering south street (so awesome!) and doing different activities every week. I love museums and different kinds of cultural events. I'll definitely try anything once.

Oh, and I'm 23 =).

Here's a picture!:

A few years old, but I basically look the same. I've just lost the eyebrow ring and gained some glasses =p.


Celebrating Queer Stories! Tomorrow Night! [Monday



5 Funny Lesbians, Now With Dorktease! [Friday


There will be dorktease. Meaning someone stripping to the Harry Potter theme song. Yuh. It's true.


Humor in the Hardbacks: A Comedy Benefit for Giovanni's Room (Philly) [Tuesday


More info about the performers and the cause available here. Come!
Because you'll laugh your butt off and it will be fun and also you will be helping Giovanni's Room 12th Street wall not fall into 12th Street.

PS With a special guest Maura Kelly!


Join Philly Trans-Health! [Monday


An open meeting is coming up for anyone interested in joining the planning committee for the 2010 Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference!

We welcome EVERYONE to our table regardless of: gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, race, class, economic background, education, etc.

The next open meeting for Philly Trans-Health is
Thursday, October 22nd, 2009 at 6:30pm
at the Washington West Project
1201 Locust Street (12th and Locust) in Philadelphia

If you'd like to get involved but can't make it to meetings in Philadelphia, please e-mail our promotions chair Jess Kalup at hotmessjess@gmail.com tell us a little bit about yourself.

We look forward to meeting you!


Save the fat date!!!! Philly is busting out of our pants and onto the streets! [Thursday

Save the fat date!!!! Philly is busting out of our pants and onto the streets!

Calling all radical fatties and their allies!! Join for us for the fattest day of the summer!! July 11, 2009, you are invited to participate in 3 radical fat events. First, a flash mob, or rather a FLESH mob. The idea is that we’ll gather at the Philadelphia art museum, and scantily/flashily clad self-identified fat folks will run, walk, skip, waddle, ride, saunter, sashay, etc. their way to the top of the famous stairs, Rocky style. Fat folks who don’t do stairs can be waiting at the top for the mob. All of this while allies are cheering, holding signs, and handing out fat liberation literature. This will be quick and illegal.

All that fat visibility has made me hungry! On to a barbeque in West Philadelphia for delicious summer fare and exciting company. Don’t be shy fatties and allies, fuel up for the mega hot fat dance party that night!! Be prepared to show off your sweet moves and hottest queer fashion while raising funds for a fat queer documentary.

Tell your friends and we’ll keep in touch!!

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FIST Presents Lady Catherine Gross...Baltimore...Sun., 4/5/09 1-3pm [Friday

Sunday, 4/5 1pm-3pm Playhouse...Baltimore
*Filling up. You must RSVP to attend to FISTwomen@aol.com*

*****This event is open to women and transfolk who feel they have a place in the women's community*****
F.I.S.T. Presents Lady Catherine Gross

Please join us as FIST presents the first in our workshop series as long-time friend of FIST, Lady Catherine Gross will be presenting
Cornerstones: Beginnings, Middles and the End, on Sunday, April 5th from 1-3pm at Playhouse Galleries.

The cost of the workshop is $7.

Munchies will be provided.

The Workshop:

Cornerstones: Beginnings, Middles and the End
This workshop focuses on what relationships look like in the beginning, middle and20the end. Learn how to hear more effectively, the difference between listening and hearing, how to avoid mindreaders syndrome, taking responsibility for you. Learning the difference between care-taking and taking care, illusion vs reality, your personal responsibility list, personal boundaries, owning who y ou are, getting what you want, dealing with mistakes and being able to separate between yours, mine and ours. End your relationship s as well as you begin them. Understanding the stages of relationships will help you stay in the middle, isn't that the goal after all?

About the Presenter:
Lady Catherine is a certified PCC Life Success coach and educator. She offers classes that focus on physical skills, M/s relationships, dominance and submission, personal development, house management, service, healthy relationships and more. She is the producer of SouthEast LeatherFest in Atlanta, GA.
She has presented classes at Frolicon, Black Rose, South Plains LeatherFest, Living In Leather by NLA-I, San Diego Leatherfest, Southwest Leather Conference, Northeast Master/slave Conference, Leather University, Boys Camp, IMsL, LLC, Pantheon, TES, Folsom Fringe, Orlando Bash, Great Lakes Leather Alliance, Tribal Fire, and at many more events. She was awarded Black Rose's Vaughn Keith National Educator Award in 2002 and Pantheon of Leather Southeast Regi on Service Award 2006 and Pantheon of Leather Business of the Year award in 2006.
She has also written a safety manual in use by more than a dozen organizations coast to coast. You can download a copy on her website at BDSMClasses.com (she’ll even customize it for you). She is the creator of Servant's Retreat, an intensive weekend for those who serve, and the Nine Fold Path Seminar, a workshop on M/s a nd D/s relationship health. She offers private classes and coaching for couples and individuals. BDSMClasses.com and ForYourLifeCoach.


3/21...FIST Women's Play Party...Baltimore....Holding Down The Fort [Wednesday


If you're not going to IMsL, you could be
Holding Down the Fort 
With us!

At the Monthly FIST Play Party at the Playhouse
March 21st, 2009

If you arrive before 10pm

This month we'll be celebrating IMsL in our own special way, by putting on our uniforms, uniform-inspired apparel, and being inspired by those of others.  We'll kick off the evening with a little fun and games to fit the theme, and invite you to bring anything you think will fit in (including the right attitude).


Couples, Singles and Groups are ALL welcome, as are folks of all experience levels from 'Just Thinking About It Novices' to 'Long Time Devotees of Kinky Stuff'. We hope you can join us.
Open Play 9pm-2am.

This private party will be held at Play House in Baltimore.  Location and/or directions will be sent when you RSVP.
RSVPs are strictly required and should be sent to imsl2005@aol.com.

There is a suggested donation of $20 for the party (2 people for the price of one if you arrive by 10pm) but just donate what you can afford - we really want YOU to come join the fun. 

If you volunteered with us before, because you were broke, consider it again, even if you're not.  While we do need a few work exchange volunteers, we also like it when you help out because you like to.  Please contact Jessi at imsl2005@aol.com to review your options and incentives.  You can set you up with a volunteer shift and you get in for FREE at this party or our next one. 

We do ask that everyone bring something yummy and/or themed to share for the food table as we get hungry when we play.
Soft drinks are available for purchase at the party for $1 per can/bottle.

Parking in our attached parking garage will be available from 9pm until 10:30pm for $5 per car or you may park for free on the street.   If you arrive after 10:30pm you will need to grab a street parking spot as our parking volunteer will be inside joining in the festivities. 
**If you arrive via the front door, and no one responds to the bell call 443-310-6854 and we will rescue you**

This event is open for leather women of all persuasions who enjoy woman to woman S/M. All S/M dykes, straight, bisexual and trans-sexual/gender women are welcome. FTM transgender bois/boys/men who feel they have a place in the S/M women's community are also welcome. 

Please help us spread the word about this party to your friends and other hotties by cross posting it to lists and groups where it would be appropriate and welcome.  THANKS so much.

***If you didn't receive this e-mail from the address: FISTwomen@aol.com, you are not on our e-mail list.
Contact us at FISTwomen@aol.com to be added to the FIST list and start receiving monthly event updates directly from us.  In efforts to keep our list confidential, please mention how you heard about FIST, in your e-mail.***

hosted by the women (and boys) of FIST - Females Investigating Sexual Terrain


Needed: A good home for a Cat! [Friday

We have a sweeet turtleshell Cat that needs a home!
We are moving and are not allowed 4 cats!! She is very shy and nervous
And tends to hide a lot but deserves a good home and good folks to be around her!

Know of anyone? Thanks for your help!!!


looking for friends. [Sunday

Just wanted to say hello I'm a 26 year old artist looking for friends in the area. I live in Lancaster over and a little down from Philly but I love Philly and I'm looking for healthy positive energy right now in my life for coffee .. good conversation and whatever..

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Women's Party...The Crucible...Washington, DC...Sun.11/9 1-6pm [Monday


I hope you can join us.  We're gonna rock the Crucible!www.the-crucible.com

From the girl...
Hello to all of you wonderful women.

  i am writing to inform you about an exciting event that the Crucible has coming up on its calendar.   i hope you'll save the date! 

On Sunday November 9th, The Crucible will be sponsoring its first ever Women Only Play Party and we are inviting any and all women and transgendered folk who enjoy woman to woman BDSM to come and play with us. 
 This was an idea hatched by some of us that play in both panspace and in women's only space.  Our experiences have taught us that there are absolutely incredible, creative, interesting, magnetic women who genuinely LOVE to play with other women to be found in both places, and we want to give all of you a chance to meet and get to know each other.

Gay, straight, bisexual, bio women, transfolks, experienced, new, butch, femme, androgynous, queer, plays with women all the time, never played with women but want to, wild or mild, hard core masochist, evil sadist, light and fluffy, wanna see what BDSM is all about...doesn't matter, ALL are welcome and we would be honored if you joined us!

And just think, it's a GREAT opportunity to network before Just Play Weekend *wink. 

The Crucible Women's Party will take place on Sunday November 9 from 1-6 PM.  Cost of the event is twenty dollars and we ask that everyone bring a dish for the community table.  Play makes us hungry after all *giggles

This promises to be an incredible event.  Please help make it even more so by joining us!

Please forward this to anyone you think might be interested.
 With my best wishes and warm regards,


FIST Women/Trans Play Party THIS Saturday...Baltimore 10/18 [Friday


Can you say roadtrip?  Hope you can make it. 
Want to find out about our future events?  Join our private e-mail list...it's easy.  Just send an e-mail to FISTWomen@aol.com and tell us how you heard about FIST.

Click here for deets of our party this Saturday: http://buz1.livejournal.com/44857.html


Philly Guerrilla Queer Bar [Monday

Is there a Guerrilla Queer Bar scene in Philly?? I did it in DC when I lived down there and had a blast. And if you don't know what I'm talking about then perhaps that answers my questions.


Almost Pretty, But Can She Curtsy: Kelli Dunham Comedy June 7th in Philly [Monday


Hey Philly folks

Since you last saw Kelli Dunham, everyone’s favorite ex-nun nerd dyke comic, she:

 -Appeared on the Discovery Channel while kissing a straight dude (okay c’mon now, not on the lips!)
-Learned how to curtsy
-Accidentally gave a lapdance to a tourist from Sweden (New York subways ARE crowded)
-Appeared in the pages of Curve Magazine
-Recorded her second live comedy show from the historic Stonewall Inn to a sold out crowd.

Now she’s coming back to Philly…
Saturday, June 7th,  (pride eve) at 8 PM at everyone’s favorite fair trade, accessible, all ages venue, JOE COFFEE, 1100 Walnut Street in Philly. It’s just a mere 8 bucks to get in and the time was chosen specifically so folks could get to the dyke march and grab dinner beforehand if that’s what pleases you. 

This show is the first stop on Kelli’s Almost Pretty (Almost) Fifty States Tour and will  be Kelli’s only full length show in Philly this year!



X-posted to queerinphilly

Hello, I just joined this comm. I'll be moving to Philly in late May and I figured I'd introduce myself. So....

Hi! I'm Maya. I work as a tattooist, painter, artist. I've lived most of my life in Chicago, but it's time for a change; besides, I can't stand the winters here anymore (It's 2pm and 8 degrees  outside --FUCK!!!). I'll be moving into the west end of Germantown; living with some friends. I'm mildly politically active (mostly focussed on Camp Trans and MWMF and their attendance policy) so I guess that makes me a part time malcontent. ;-)

I'm mostly working on doing more research on the Queer community in Philly and building any social contacts and support structure. For anyone here who has made a cross country move knows, it can be lonely moving to a new city/state. Even though I have friends in the area, it never hurts to make more contacts.


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PrideSmile [Monday


Any gift you want...
You got it...

Click on smile !  :)


Awesome event Philadelphia Queer Rock Show [Sunday

Not going out of town this weekend? Bring all your friends and come down to the Rotunda and celebrate all that is great about being a Philly Queer!

All the many details


Britches vs. Butchers -- This Saturday! [Monday

The Broad Street Butchers look to hand the Philthy Britches their first ever season defeat in a rematch from the 2006 Championship bout.

Fresh off their win over the Hostile City Honeys, the Broad Street Butchers are hoping that game’s momentum will help them topple the undefeated champions of 2006, the Philthy Britches. The last time these two teams faced each other on the track, both had perfect records and were playing for the Warrior Cup in the 2006 season championship. The Britches took home the cup that night and the Butchers settled for second place.

Having lost some of their Revolutionary War-themed brigade from last year, Britches co-captains Mo Pain and Violet Temper (2006 league MVP’s), have recruited some new troops into their regiment. This will be the first regular season bout for new Britches: Cindecent Exposure, Gefilte Fists, Ginger Vitis, Gloria Grindem, Megan Trouble, and Olivia Face. Returning this year is Dara Licks, who has put up some impressive blocking stats during the inter-league season against some of derby’s most experienced jammers. Rosie Bloodbath and Dottie Horror are also starting their second season with the team, and when both of these players are on the track together, they have proven to be formidable opponents to the rest of the league. Pint-sized pivot, Janet Meano, is injured and will be serving as bench manager until she can get back on her skates.

The Broad Street Butchers have already proven that their knives are sharpened and that they wear the blood on their aprons with pride. Co-captains Annie Christ and Vixen Van Go Go have put together an impressive line-up for the 2007 season and relying on the blocking skills of Ada Baby, Suzy Skullcrusher, and Slay Belle to hold back the Britches. One of their newest jammers, Shenita Stretcher, scored a whopping 37 points in 8 jams, including 29 unanswered for points in 3 shut-out jams against the Hostile City Honeys on July 14th. Shenita’s impressive numbers are not far behind fellow Butcher, Roxy Rockett’s, 45 points in 8 jams during the same bout. Look for the twin towers, Leggs Benedict and Summer Assault, to add even more points for the Butchers as their long legs carry them down the straight-aways with seemingly effortless strides.

All the action will take place at the Sportsplex, 1331 O’Reilly Drive in Feasterville, PA. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. with the bout starting at 8:00. The pre-bout band is the Barons.

This is the last bout before The Philly Roller Girls send their all-star travel team, The Liberty Belles, to the WFTDA eastern regional tournament in Columbus, Ohio August 17-19. The tournament, dubbed the Heartland Havoc, will feature the top 12 leagues in the east. Each league will be playing to win one of four coveted slots to travel to the national tournament in Austin, Texas at the end of September. The national tournament will play the top four teams in the east against the top four teams in the west to decide the first-ever national champion of women’s flat track roller derby.

Every month the Philly Roller Girls work with a local charity at their bouts. For August, they will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the bout to Women in Transition. Women In Transition (WIT) provides empowerment counseling, referrals and advocacy to women in Philadelphia who are endangered by domestic violence and/or substance abuse. Their programs help women make positive changes in their lives, actualize their potential, and build lives for themselves and their children that are free of violence and free from addictions to drugs and alcohol. More information can be found at www.womenintransitioninc.org.

About the Philly Roller Girls
Philly Roller Girls is an all-girl, skater-owned and operated roller derby league that formed in March 2005 and is in its second season. The league is comprised of a diverse group of hard-working athletes with the strength and character to provide serious entertainment for fans while having fun in the process. The league has over 50 dedicated skaters on four home teams—the Broad Street Butchers, the Heavy Metal Hookers, the Hostile City Honeys and 2006 champions the Philthy Britches. Last October the league debuted their all-star travel team, the Liberty Belles, who are currently ranked 9th in the nation with a record of 5 straight wins after losing their first two bouts.

These women, along with many dedicated volunteers, have been working tirelessly to bring the sport of women’s roller derby back to the Philadelphia area. The Philly Roller Girls are proud members of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), a group representing over 35 all-female, independent flat-track roller derby leagues throughout the United States. For more information, visit www.phillyrollergirls.com.

Ticket Information
Tickets for all bouts are available at http://www.phillyrollergirls.com. They may also be purchased at the Sportsplex (1331 O'Reilly Drive, Feasterville) Crash Bang Boom (528 S. 4th Street in Center City), and 700 Club (700 N. 2nd St, Northern Liberties). General admission: $10 advance, $12 door. VIP guaranteed rink-side seating: $20 in advance and $25 at the door.


Alison Bechdel coming to Central Library (1901 Vine) this Tuesday [Wednesday

[ mood | sore ]

Alison Bechdel, creator of the epic comic series Dykes to Watch Out For and graphic memoir Fun Home, to appear at Free Library of Philadelphia, Central Library, on Tuesday evening, June 26, 2007 at 7 PM.

Free--no tickets required! 1901 Vine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 (between 19th and 20th Streets on the Parkway).


i'm sorry did you say naked ladies? [Tuesday

Come out to Support Play House!
June 9, 2007 9pm - 2am
Tickets are $25 per person or $40 per couple.

Come dressed to impress!
There will be prizes for the best dressed as well as the best dancers.

Then take it all off for the Strip Tease and Lap Dance contest beginning at 10pm. Bring a pocket full of cash because all tips the dancers receive will be donated to the renovation fund for Play House.

There will also be a silent auction and many other surprises throughout the evening!

On June 9th, Play House Studios kicks off our 10th Year Anniversary preparations!!Collapse )



Game night tomorrow night at Joe Coffee (11th and Walnut) from 6 to 8 p.m. Bring your favorite game, and please come join us!

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